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World of Science Comics - Adventures with Technology and Gadgets

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Dear Parents,

Check out the new book of the World of Science Comics series for your child!

Adventures with Technology and Gadgetsis an immersive encounter with more than 15 groundbreaking advances that have changed the way that we live, work and play.

When were the first computers invented? How did fibre optic technology transform communications? What if you could protect your belongings with a real-life "force field"? Scribble in a digital notebook. Pit your wits against robot friends. And walk around in GPS shoes! From the machines that clean our living spaces to the engines that move us from place to place, and from pocket-sized devices to vast hubs of information, grasp the astounding workings of tech and gadgets as never before!

Contents:All About Modern Technologies:Moving Ahead; Computer Whiz!; Power Beams; Cable Revolution; Data in Your Hand; Layer by Layer;Everyday Technology:Instant Mail; Lines of Information; More Power to You; Flatscreen Magic;Artificial Intelligence:Robot Friends; Squeaky Clean!;Smart Stuff:Getting a Boost; Super Shield; Just the Write Thing; In Your Tracks; Surround Sound;Quiz Challenge:So, How Much Do You Really Know About Technology and Gadgets?;

Readership:612 year olds, Singapore, Asia-Pacific, worldwide. Trade, schools, libraries everywhere.