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(FAQ) Questions that are frequently asked by parents

1. Where can I find the answers to the worksheets in the magazines (‘i’, Inspire, iThink)?You can find the d...
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Surviving the Oral Examinations: 4 Things To Do the Day Before Your Exam

It's the day before your oral exam You've practiced speaking in class and during your school exams, and now it's the fi...
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Survival Guide: Tips to Get Back in the Groove

Survival Guide: Tips to Get Back in the Groove 1. Clear Desk, Clear Mind Clear desk, clear mind – it’s not...
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Get ahead of the curve with these learning tips!

Model Essay - Beautiful Brazil  (Original essay by Joy Chen)    Note: Words in bold: Travel vocab...
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Take better care of your needs during the busy school year by reading these posts.

5 ways to keep learning during the June holidaysThe long-awaited June holidays are finally here. Wondering how your ch...
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