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World of Science Comics - Adventures with More Land Animals

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Dear Parents,

Check out the new book of the World of Science Comics series for your child!

Adventures with More Land Animalsis an immersive encounter with more than 20 residents of diverse habitats above and below ground.

What's the difference between antlers and horns? Why does the sloth move so slowly? Can you spot the black panther's ... spots? March in an army of ants. Take a road trip to marvel at the moose. Wrestle with the coconut crab. And meet the unforgettable proboscis monkey! From the Arctic wilderness to the Andean Mountains, and from faraway grasslands to gardens next door, experience more land animals up closer than ever before!

Contents:All About Land Animals:What's Your Point?; White Winter Coats; Seeing Differently;Strength in Numbers:Mighty Army Ants!; So Many Legs;Lone Rangers:Look Out on the Road!; Black Panther;Unforgettable Faces:A Distinctive Nose; Bandit Face;Life in the Slow Lane:On the Snail Trail; Hanging Out in the Treetops;Creature Features:Binturong; Porcupine; Spectacled Bear; Golden Lion Tamarin; Maned Wolf.; Coconut Crab;Quiz Challenge:So, How Much Do You Really Know About More Land Animals?;

Readership:612 year olds, Singapore, Asia-Pacific, worldwide. Trade, schools, libraries everywhere.