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World of Science Comics - Adventures with Germs and Your Health

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Dear Parents,

Check out the new book of the World of Science Comics series for your child!

Adventures with Germs and Your Healthis an immersive encounter with the microorganisms that live around, on and inside us, and their impact on our lives.

How do germs travel? What's the difference between a cold and the flu? Why should you watch what you eat? Grow your good bacteria, survive a pandemic, and avoid the perils of food poisoning! Bust some common myths about disease, and arm yourself to fight cancer! From the defences of your immune system to the healing effects of medication, experience the mind-blowing inner workings of your body as never before!

Contents:All About Germs:World of Germs; Hidden Fortress;Dreadful Diseases:In Fact... Or Not?; Cancer Contingents; A Serious Coronavirus;The Battle Against Germs:Get Vaxxed!; Load Up on Ammo!;Chills and Other Ills:What's So Common About Your Cold?; Throwing Up or Passing Out?; Teething Problems; Eye Cannot See;Quiz Challenge:So, How Much Do You Really Know About Germs and Your Health?;

Readership:612 year olds, Singapore, Asia-Pacific, worldwide. Trade, schools, libraries everywhere.