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World of Science Comics - Adventures in the Green Movement

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Dear Parents,

Check out the new book of the World of Science Comics series for your child!

Adventures in the Green Movementis an immersive encounter with some of the most pressing environmental issues of the 21st century, and the wide variety of solutions aimed at addressing those problems.

Why should we be concerned about deforestation, haze and plastic waste? How can we manage resources like water and electricity responsibly? Plant a tree, make recycled paper, and say "no" to single-use disposable items! Ride a bike around one of the planet's green cities! From reversing environmental damage to promoting eco-friendly sources of energy, experience the inspiring impact of the green movement as never before!

Contents:All About Environmental Damage:Losing Our Forests; Hazy Days; Rain that Destroys; Plastic Graveyard; What's All That Noise?;Reduce:Power Down, Please!; Every Precious Drop; Green Rides;Reuse:Pick Up a Pair; Back to Square Ones; Bagging It;Recycle:New from Old; Blended to a Pulp;Renew:Plant a Tree; From Food Scraps to Fertiliser;Green Energy:Here Comes the Sun; Poo-wer Generator;Quiz Challenge:So, How Much Do You Really Know About the Green Movement?;

Readership:6-12 year olds, Singapore, Asia-Pacific, worldwide. Trade, schools, libraries everywhere.