The Boy and the Ants
The Boy and the Ants
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The Boy and the Ants

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Dear Parents,

Check out the new book of I'm a Math Star Series for your child!

A boy staring at ants suddenly thinks of a fun but difficult Math problem. How long will it take the ants to fall off the stick he's looking at, if they keep bumping into each other and changing directions? Does this sound impossible to solve? It isn't! Read on to find out the boy's ingenious solution!

The I'm a Math Star! series comprises challenging Math puzzles, presented in story form. Puzzles are described and then solved, step-by-step, through an engaging storyline, and using various Math heuristic techniques that are also taught as part of the world renowned Singapore Math curriculum. Through illustrations and an engaging storyline, children will learn Math heuristics, and be inspired to persevere in understanding, representing, and solving fun and intriguing Math problems!

Includes a Guide to Problem-solving by Yeap Ban Har!

Supplementary Material
Additional Activities (92 KB)

Readership:612 years old

By (author):Boaz
Illustrated by:Yit WahChang