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The A-Star Difference Primary 5 English Vocabulary

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This book is set out in three sections. It aims to provide students with over a thousand items of vocabulary used widely in Primary Five tests. Some questions are deliberately set out to be self- learning.

Section A comprises of multiple-choice questions in individual worksheets. The vocabulary items are random with no attempt to grade them in degree of difficulty. The emphasis is on contextual clues which help students to learn and remember word collocations and specific nuances of meaning. Therefore, careful consideration is given to the options and most options are plausible and grammatically fitting.

Section B is a selection of words commonly confused and which appear very similar. This section is self-explanatory and helps students remember word usage. The words crowd, bevy, throng, horde all refer to groups of people but only crowd is generic. The other three describe specific people. The exercises do not set out to mislead but to guide. Each option can be used only once and if one mistake is made, it means that another sentence has the wrong word.

Section C contains text-based exercises. Many of the connecting devices in language are tested in this section. Many of the adverbial forms the ly words are in this section.