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Super IQ English & Maths Series - K1 Set

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Dear Parents,

The preschool years of your child lays the foundation for their education to come. Give them a helping hand with these curated resources from SAP Publishers.

Super IQ English (4 - 6 years)

The Super IQ English series is crafted to get young children to read more, and enhance thinking and problem-solving skills through the acquisition of new knowledge. Each book is filled with facts and information about many things, across common themes familiar and loved by many children.

Each book contains interesting riddle styles that begin each activity, with clues (found both in text and in photographs provided) that stimulate curiosity and encourage logical thinking. We hope the content in our books will provide many opportunities for your child to ask interesting questions, think creatively, pick up reading, improve communication skills and develop good early social awareness.

Super IQ Maths (4 - 6 years)

Super IQ Maths is crafted with the objectives of helping children apply basic pre-numeracy skills meaningfully, such as matching, sorting and comparing.

Each book in our Super IQ Maths series contains carefully curated math themes and topics that are current, relevant, and widely practised around the world for preschool and primary school children.