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Science Educational Toy For Kids Hand Eye Coordination Plastic Slinky

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Dear Parents,

Check out the Science Educational Toy - Kids Hand-Eye Coordination Plastic Slinky for your child!

Looking for an educational toy that helps your kids with their gross motor skills, as well as understanding the concept of gravity? Why not, try this popular toy Slinky! Be fascinated by the plastic spring which can perform a number of tricks with the aid of gravity!

This learning toy, a rainbow plastic slinky, can also be used to teach kids about the potential kinetic energy. When your kid place the rainbow plastic slinky at the top of the stairs, see how the plastic springs tumble coil by coil down the steps. Such a cool Science experiment.

Plastic Slinky measures about 63 x 65 x 65 mm

Age-appropriate for 7 years old and up.