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Science Adventure Series - Connect & Digest (Stem)

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Science Adventure
2021 - Science Adventure - Digest (P3- P6)
2021 - Science Adventure - Connect (K2- P2)
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Children are very curious when they enter Primary school and it is the best time to cultivate their interest in science and to find out that Science is fun! Each month Science Adventures, a home-grown science comic magazine, journeys with fascinating science stories by giving you 10 issues (from Jan to Oct).

Science Adventures now offers magazines targeting at two levels: Science Connect (for Lower Primary Students) and Science Digest (for Upper Primary Students).
Science Connect (For P1 to P3) Science Digest (For P4 to P6).

Better conform with Singapore School syllabus, Energy, Interaction, Diversity, System and Cycle, Science Adventures -CONNECT also incorporates Global Education, STEM, that is Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths.

Colourful illustrations and stories are told in language that is exciting and correct, making it appropriate for your children at different levels. It's accurate, useful and conforms to the school syllabus.

Science Adventure Connect - Suitable for age 5 - 8 (K2-P2)

Science Adventure Digest - Suitable for age 9 -12 (P3-P6)