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PSLE Science Strategies to Ace Your Exam Book 2 Life Sciences

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PSLE Science: Strategies to Ace Your Exam Book 2 Life Sciencesis is specially designed for primary school students to study Science in a practical manner and to excel in the Life Science topics in examinations. It is a comprehensive revision guide based on the current Primary Science Syllabus for use by students taking the PSLE until 2025.

The 7 units of the syllabus are organised into 10 focused topics. Each unit comprises 4 sections:

  1. Key Science Concepts:The main Science ideas of the unit are introduced here for revision. These concepts help students to apply their Science knowledge in practical, real-life situations.
  2. Putting Learning into Practice:This is a set of routine steps to guide students in answering Science questions. This systematic approach ensures that students answers are relevant and precise.
  3. Trial Practice in Application of Concepts:A mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions are presented. Students are given the opportunity to apply the Science concepts and routine steps when attempting these questions.
  4. Quick Check on My Learning:A reflection checklist is given to track the conceptual and skills acquisition of the students.

Two General Revision Papers are included for students to attempt Life Science questions based on the PSLE format.