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Presch Pre-Pri Prep Course: Little Science Explorers Book 2

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TheLittle Science Explorersactivity storybook series is about two young explorers going on learning journeys or experiences where they discover and learn Science concepts. Through the stories and the characters conversations during their exploration, Science concepts are made comprehensible and relatable in this series.

This series is recommended for children from K2 to Primary 3. For K2 children, the stories intrigue them to learn Science at a young age. For beginning K2 readers, a parent or teacher can read to the child and facilitate the childs learning process. For Primary 1 and 2 children, the Science concepts from the activity storybooks will prepare them for their formal Science lessons which will commence in Primary 3. For Primary 3 children, the activity storybooks can supplement their Science learning and prepare them to excel in the subject.

Book 2 covers the following topics:
Life Cycles
Matter and Its Three States
Light and Heat