[Pre-Order] - Where Will You Wander?
[Pre-Order] - Where Will You Wander?
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[Pre-Order] - Where Will You Wander?

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Dear Parents,

Check out the new title Where Will You Wander for your child!

A beautifully illustrated storybook featuring the extraordinary natural wonders of our world and the amazing animals that can be found there..

Please note that the books are available in July 2022.


Where Will You Wander will transport young readers to the most beautiful natural wonders on Earth to view the tallest trees and mountains, the largest deserts and waterfalls, and the most majestic coastlines and geological formations. The enchanting illustrations will captivate and inspire them to love and protect the natural world, as they catch a glimpse of the amazing wildlife that can be found at each destination.

The Authors

Fiona Ocean and Alison Sky Simmance are twin sisters and conservation scientists (PHD). They have worked around the world to protect life on our Blue Planet, from the firefly-lit shores of Madagascar to the icy seas of the Arctic Circle. Their mission is to inspire conservation of our Blue Planet so that young readers will grow up to experience its staggering diversity and awe-inspiring wonders for many generations to come.

The Illustrator

Thejal Mathura is a digital illustrator. She lives and breathes colour and light, as she strives to imbue her work with these magical elements. Animals are always at the heart of her visual storytelling. Her passion is to create illustrations that will inspire readers to love, explore and protect nature.