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Dear Parents,

Check out the new title Animal Life Cycles and how animals grow up in the wild!

Please note that the books are available in July 2022.


Why are newborn bears so tiny? How does the joey find its way to its mothers pouch? Why are fruit bats born large, alert and with their eyes open? These and many other questions are answered in this essential guide to the life cycles of the worlds mammals.

This fascinating book describes and illustrates the various, and sometimes unique, ways in which mammals raise their young and live their lives. More than seventy different types of mammals are represented, from the chimpanzee, which does not gain its independence until the age of seven or eight, to the tiny hamster, which is already fending for itself after only two months.

The main text provides a vivid synopsis of each animals life, including how the animal learns to survive, achieves independence, and mates. Superb illustrations and detailed captions offer additional about the various stages that the animal goes through. Multiple points of interest highlight special aspects of each animals;ife, such as breeding season, litter size, and average life expectancy.

Animal Life Cycles is an ideal introduction to the life cycles of the worlds animals. It is an indispensable guide that can be used in schools and at home.

The Author

Dr Tony Hare (19542010) was a botanist, author, film-maker and conservationist who co-founded the charity Plantlife, which works nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi. He also worked alongside some of the worlds leading environmental organisations such as World Wildlife Fund and Water Aid, and appeared on childrens environmental TV programmes in the UK.