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Dear Parents,

Check out the new title Animal Habitats and how animals live in the wild!

Please note that the books are available in July 2022.


From the polar bear that endures icy temperatures of
-40 degrees Fahrenheit during the arctic winter to the kangaroo that lives in areas with less than 10 inches of rainfall a year, this engaging book describes and illustrates almost every kind of habitat where animals flourish.

In a clear and concise style, each entry describes the habitat characteristic of each animal and how it copes with ecological factors such as shrinking natural surroundings, seasonal migration, and competition for feeding grounds. Vivid colour photographs place the animals in their natural environment while at the same time show an aspect of their behavioral habits.

Animal Habitats is a fascinating book which will delight and inspire readers. It is an indispensable guide that can be used in schools and at home.

The Author

Dr Tony Hare (19542010) was a botanist, author, filmmaker, and conservationist who co-founded the charity Plantlife, which works nationally and internationally to save threatened wildflowers, plants, and fungi. He also worked alongside some of the worlds leading environmental organisations such as World Wildlife Fund and Water Aid and appeared on childrens environmental TV programmes in the UK.