Pop! Lit for Kids (Set)
Pop! Lit for Kids (Set)
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Pop! Lit for Kids (Set)

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Dear Parents,

Classic Tales for a good night's reading!

Taking classic stories from Asia and the West,Pop! Lit for Kids reimagines them into easy-to-read stories that provide the perfect introduction to classic tales. The most well-loved stories from around the world have been adapted into a form that will excite and entertain children everywhere. Readers can embark on new adventures with famous beloved storybook characters. In addition, the books come to life with augmented reality features, giving readers an enhanced experience that they'll never forget!

You can look forward to reading on the following tales:

Journey to the West: Perils on Earth: Introduction; Before You Read; Tripitaka Refuses to Eat Babies; Wukong Kills the Same Demon Three Times; Understanding the Story; No Wukong = Chaos!; Wukong is Roasted; Understanding the Story; Bajie and Wukong Play "Dress-up"; A Fish, a Turtle and a Monk's Promise;

Little Women: Introduction; Before You Read; Four Sisters; The Boy Next Door; Understanding the Story; Amy's Accident & Meg's Parties; The Hardest Days; Understanding the Story; Together Again;

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Brave Brothers: Introduction; Before You Read; Meeting of the Brave Brothers; A Pledge in the Peach Garden; Understanding the Story; A Villain in a Hero's Robe; Cao Cao Tries to Trick Liu Bei; Cao Cao Captures Guan Yu; Through Thick and Thin; Understanding the Story;

Peter Pan: Introduction; Before You Read; At Home; In Neverland; Understanding the Story; Underground; Understanding the Story; On the Jolly Roger; Understanding the Story; Back Home Again;


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