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Pop Bubble Fidget Spinner with Keychain Party Gift Toy

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Dear Parents,

Check out the Pop Bubble Fidget Spinner with Keychain for your child!

Feeling stressed from the work that you are currently doing?

Fear not because the IQ Pop Bubble Fidget is here! Experience the fun stress reliever, Mini Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy.

4 different colours for you to choose from (Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple). Made from high-quality silicone material, it is soft and yet firm when you push and pop the bubble.

It is also therapeutic and has a calming effect too, making it a good stress reliever. The IQ Pop Bubble Fidget Toy comes with a keychain so that you can strap or hang it onto your favourite knapsack, handbag, school bag, and pencil case to be played with any time when you are bored.

A fun game with your friends as you can challenge each other to see whose Fidget toy is able to spin for the longest period of time. This Fidget toy can also be washed with soap and warm water to keep it clean and free from germs.

Do not place any sticky substance like putty, clay, slime, or very sticky tape on the surface of the IQ Pop Bubble Fidget Toy as these would stick on any silicone material.