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Phonics Book Set + Pen

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Dear Parents,

This Phonics and Spelling Box Set is perfect for kids of all ages to learn to read and write in a fun and engaging way! Each book contains 60 colourful pages filled with age-appropriate activities, word puzzles, and games. Help your child build essential reading and writing skills while having fun with home workbooks!

The topics covered in each book are as follows:

Book 1: Basic Phonetic Sounds 1

Book 2: Basic Phonetic Sounds 2

Book 3: Short and Long Vowels 1

Book 4: Short and Long Vowels 2 & Consonants 1

Book 5: Consonants 2

Book 6: Consonants 3 & Consonant Blends 1

Book 7: Consonant Blends 2

Book 8: Consonant Blends 3 & Consonant Digraphs

Book 9: Vowel Digraphs 1

Book 10: Vowel Digraphs 2

Did you know? These books can be used with our children's i-Pen as well! It's easy to use! Your child will only need to simply tap on the words on the page and the i-Pen will read it out to them. This encourages active engagement and independent learning.