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OL History (Pure) Essay Guide for Units 1 & 4

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O-Level History Essay Guidehas been written in accordance with the latest syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. This series focuses on essay techniques and effective ways to answer history essays.

Using a step-by-step explanation guide with suggested phrasing of answers, the books aim to help students master the skills of effectively structuring their essay answers to obtain maximum marks. Concise points are summarised in timelines to strengthen students understanding of historical events in a chronological sequence. Ultimately, this series hopes to strengthen students foundations in History essay writing and enable them to independently develop their
own answers.

The books in this series serve as guides to both teachers and students preparing for the O-Level Pure and Elective History examinations and are suitable for students taking both Pure and Elective History.

This book covers the two Pure History units of the syllabus: Unit 1 (European Dominance & Expansion in Southeast Asia in the late 19th century) and Unit 4 (Decolonisation & Emergence of Nation-States). Students taking Pure History should also refer to the other book, which covers Units 2 and 3 of the Pure History syllabus.