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Living Economy: The Reuters Guide to the Economy of Modern Britain

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Economics underlies everything we do. It lurks behind such questions as why recessions take place, why interest rates change, why there was a fuel crisis, and when is the best time to buy a house or take out a loan. But economics is a great deal more than money and jobs. It crosses every aspect of our society - drawing on other disciplines such as politics, psychology, sociology and ethics. Living Economy picks apart some of the most important issues of our day, such as whether Britain should join the EMU and why we're so insecure in our jobs now compared with 50 years ago. It provides you with the background you need to make informed decisions on political parties, when to buy a house, or when to invest in the stock market. It will also give you an idea as to when interest rates will rise or whether recession is around the corner. Without jumping on a political soapbox it explains some of the choices available to governments, such as whether to raise money through VAT or stealth taxes, and what policies they can employ to make us all better off. It also explains how the tapestry of economics is stitched together, allowing you to form your own opinions on national debates and make educated decisions concerning your financial choices. Living Economy strips out the jargon and settles the theories in context through an array of colourful examples and enlightening case studies. Living Economy sheds light on a baffling subject that affects us all. It is an inspiring read for those of us with both an inquiring mind and an eye on our wallets.

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