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Key Guide O-Level Social Studies Secondary 3 Express/Normal(Academic)

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Key Guide O-Level Social Studies Secondary 3 Express/Normal(Academic)is a teaching and learning tool written in three parts to summarise what students need to know to do well in your Social Studies examination. The main aim of Social Studies is to equip citizens with the knowledge and skills to make important decisions as an adult member of society. Individual citizens can make a large contribution to either the growth or decline of society because they live and impact each other in complex and important ways.

Part 1 of this book focuses on understanding the concepts in Social Studies and the assessment guidelines that frame the GCE O-Level and N-Level Social Studies examination.

Part 2 gives you the learning outcomes and useful notes for your revision. This includes understanding the Social Studies curriculum for the GCE O- and N-Levels which will enable you to see how the various chapters are interlinked. Part 3 presents literary approaches and devices that you can use to answer the Source-Based Case Studies (SBCS) and Structured-Response Questions (SRQs) that you encounter in your Social Studies syllabus.

They include practice papers and exemplars for SBCS and SRQs. The main idea is to give you a selected array of question types so that you will be able to think through and plan relevant answers to them.

The practice papers come with suggested answers to serve as a learning guide on how answers are layered and argued. They serve as exemplars of think-aloud models of how various Social Studies arguments can be made. Students should take special note that they are not model answers for rote learning purposes.