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I'm a Biomedical Informatics Expert Now!

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What is a biomedical informatics expert? What does he or she do?

MeetKevin, a kid like you and me, who grew up to become a biomedical informatics expert! Kevin grew up loving science and caring for animals, and this passion, combined with his engineering aptitude, turned him into a pediatrician specializing in biomedical informatics using computers and data science to improve health care.

The Who Me? series features inspirational biographies of scientists who young readers will be able to identify with as people like themselves. Written by the scientists themselves and co-authors from Vanderbilt University, the books are designed to help young readers understand that scientists are regular people like themselves who are excited about learning and discovering new things and who decided to work hard in school in order to create for themselves the opportunity to become scientists. As they learn the stories of these scientists, readers will also learn some basic science ideas, that are well-explained and easily understood, and be introduced to the cutting-edge science these scientists are working on today.