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IGCSE Guide Biology Book 1 Ordinary Level

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New biological discoveries are made each day, which add to our knowledge and understanding of the world and make it a safer and healthier place to live.Cambridge IGCSE Guide Biology Book 1 Ordinary Levelexplores these discoveries in a way that not only provides the assessment of facts, but also considers the moral, ethical and economic implications which they present.

This book aims to make a successful evaluation of your study. These books will help you to reach your highest potential and achieve the best possible grade. Unlike traditional revision guides, it also gives advice on improving answers, by helping to show you what examiners expect of candidates.

Cambridge IGCSE Guide Biology Book 1 Ordinary Levelcovers the requirements of the O-Level, AS level and A2 level Cambridge Biology syllabus. The chapters are arranged in the same sequence as the material in the syllabus.