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Happy Companies Healthy Profits: The Six Positive Psychology Strategies that Drive Productivity at Work

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Do happy employees really contribute to an organisation's bottom line? The truth is, in the typical Asian organisations culture, workplace happiness seems to be as taboo as voicing an opinion that is contrary to your boss's. If the reality remains that our work and career will make up a large part of our lives, it would be tremendously ironic if we continue to be unhappy and disengaged at work. The good news is that recent research discoveries in the field of positive psychology have proven beyond a doubt that workplace happiness can reap very tangible benefits in organisations. After almost a decade of studying what differentiates great organisations from good ones, Andy shares with you scientifically proven, tried-and-tested people strategies that top companies have been using to keep their employees engaged, energetic and dynamic. Moreover, you will unearth a treasure trove of personal development skills that you can use to find joy in your work instead of spending the bulk of your time watching the hours go by. With fresh approaches to nip organisational negativity in the bud, Happy Companies Healthy Profits will show you that happiness at work is not a myth but a very real possibility.