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Explore Magnetism Kit

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Dear Parents,

Check out the Explore Magnetism Kit for your child!

Let's explore Magnetism in many ways!

In this educational Play N Learn STEM Magnetism kit, there are 6 hands-on Science experiments on Magnetism which arebased on Singapore's Ministry of Education Science Curriculum.

This kit is an invaluable learning resource to help kids understand the properties of Magnetism. The Science experiments include,

- To understand what is magnetic attraction and repulsion

- To explore what happens when ring magnets are brought near to each other

- To investigate how magnetic levitation work and to discover the magnetic field of different magnets

- To investigate which metals are attracted to magnets

- To make a temporary magnet using electricity also known as an electromagnet

All manipulative materials and step-by-step instructions with illustrations are included in each Play N Learn STEM Magnetism kit. Have hours of fun experiencing the magnetic push and pull with your kids.

**Age-appropriate for children 8 years and up.