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Explore Light and Shadow Kit

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Dear Parents,

Check out the Explore Light and Shadow Kit for your child!

Let your kids learn about the properties of light and how shadows are formed through this improved Light and Shadow STEM Science Kit.

This hands-on Science Kit for Kids includes 8 exploratory science experiments on Light and Shadow, which can stimulate interest and encourage interactive learning. Learning through play allows children to better understand how things and ideas work and help to nurture fundamental skills such as problem solving and creativity.

This highly-engaging educational toy allows young learning minds to discover how shadows are affected by various factors, such as the position of the light, the position of the object, and the distances between the object and light.

Kids will also get to learn how to prove the basic property of light, which is Light travels in a straight line, and understand how light is being reflected in order to enable them to see. At the same time, they can investigate how opaque, translucent, and transparent materials affect the shadows that are cast resultingly.

All manipulative materials are included with step-by-step instructions and illustrations to help kids discover and learn. The Light and Shadow STEM Science Kit with 8 experiments are created based on Singapore's Ministry of Education Science Curriculum Syllabus.

This topic is usually covered at the Primary 4 level or meant for 10-year-old students in Singapore. Besides being a good teaching resource for educators, it can also be a meaningful family bonding activity for the whole family!

Another quality product from Play N Learn, the leading educational toy store in Singapore.