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Crayola Super Tip Washable Marker - 50 Colors

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Dear Parents,

Add colour to your office, classroom, or activity centre with this Crayola super tips assorted 50 colour washable marker set. The bright, brilliant colours stand out on any page and allow you to add a pop of colour to any project.

The versatile fine tip is also able to create precise lines. Plus, the ink applies smoothly to create vibrant and evenly coloured end results. This set comes with 50 vivid primary, secondary, and intermediate colours, providing you with a variety of choice.

The ink will not bleed through paper during use either, making it the perfect option for drawing, colouring, or writing. Best of all, the ink is also washable and it can be removed from skin or fabric. The capped design also keeps your marker tips protected while not in use, ensuring that they last longer. Use this Crayola marker set to bring all your ideas to life and add colour to any task at hand.