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Conquer 幼儿华文 (4 - 5 years)

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新编攻克幼儿华文是为帮助孩子学习中文、认识字的基本笔画,学会写字 的正确笔顺,再进一步懂得怎么读、怎么写。这些书本独特的销售优势包括认识笔画笔顺、认识一到十、开始学写字(为了nursery), 认识自己、认识朋友和家人 (为了K1), 还有认识自己、认识朋友和家人、学写常用字(为了K2)。


Conquer Chinese for Kindergarten is meant for helping children revise their Chinese, by becoming familiar with words and their basic strokes, how to write word strokes in the correct order, and furthermore how to read and write. These books’ activities include brush stroke recognition, counting from 1 to 10 in Chinese, teaching how to write basic words, teaching about the self, friends, family, and getting familiar with common words.