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Are You the King, or Are You the Joker?

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Reading Level:
Parents, grandparents, and adults with young children (ages 3-10 years)
Older children who can read the book themselves; for informal learning, making it more effective than normal textbooks.

Key Features:
Helps parents, grandparents and other responsible adults to teach young children the basic fundamentals of math through playing games using ordinary cards

Author: Adrian Ning Hong Yeo
YEO Adrian ((M.A., Ph.D., Cambridge University, UK)

This unique book based on the author's experience in teaching his grandchildren mathematics the fun way provides the knowledge and skills to teach math to young children, through learning games with playing cards. Children grow to associate math with fun, pleasure and parental love and attention.

The author's innovative approach to teaching math to young children is an ideal and highly productive way for parents and grandparents to spend quality time with their young loved ones.
The book will be an immense help for children's progress in math in the kindergarten and school.