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ABC - Explore Singapore

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Dear Parents,

Explore the ABCs of Singapore through this picture book with your children, or share this as a gift to those living abroad!

ABC Explore Singapore is a beautifully illustrated picture book, which takes the reader on an adventure to 26 diverse destinations across Singapore all the way from A-Z. It is a must-have keepsake for residents and visitors to Singapore, and the perfect gift for those living (or moving) abroad!

Welcome to Singapore a "little red dot"
right near the equator; a small melting pot!
From the Art Science Museum all the way to the Zoo
There is much to explore; let us share it with you!

Grab your copy today, and share the beautiful sights of Singapore with everyone!


Michelle Lowbeer hails from Sydney, Australia, and now lives in Singapore with her husband Ilan, two daughters Katherine and Hannah, and cat Koala. She loves to ride her scooter fast (especially downhill whilst listening to inspirational music it makes her feel like she is flying), attempt Acroyoga, and read Harry Potter books with her daughters. But not all at the same time. She is the creator of Hairy Thought-Buster a Superhero for young minds who busts children's negative thoughts and replaces them with positive ones! (Find out more, or download a free book excerpt, at

Carolynn Yoe is an illustrator based in Singapore. As a child, she had always enjoyed drawing and filling her textbooks and walls with doodles and crayon art. Her works portray a naive and dreamy child-like quality that brings her cute creations to life. She has love for dogs and confesses to collecting too many postcards.