[PRINT ONLY] iKnowledge Newsletter 2025: 6 issues (for 8+ y/o)
[PRINT ONLY] iKnowledge Newsletter 2025: 6 issues (for 8+ y/o)
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[PRINT ONLY] iKnowledge Newsletter 2025: 6 issues (for 8+ y/o)

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iKnowledge Newsletter 2025 Print Only (6 Single Issues)
iKnowledge Newsletter 2025 Print Only and 5 Digital Past Issues (11 Single Issues)
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Dear Parents, get your child to read more about current affairs and be updated with the news!


About iKnowledge newsletters:

iKnowledge is designed to engage inquisitive minds aged 8 and above! Comprising 6 issues a year, this newsletter will present itself in full colour to enthuse children to read and indulge in the activities presented in the publication. iKnowledge aims to inculcate the thirst for real-world knowledge in young readers and to diversify their repository of reading resources in both the fiction and non-fiction genres. The inclusion of activities such as quizzes and games adds variety, thereby enriching the reading experience.


Each issue of iKnowledge explores a single theme in different ways. From interesting stories to fun facts, there is something to pique the interest of young readers. We hope to cultivate a love for reading in them by providing windows of opportunity for learning through curiosity and wonder. The thirst for knowledge will put them in good stead to tackle what lies ahead, both in school and in their personal lives.


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Issue 7 - Publishing in 2025 February 
Issue 8 - Publishing in 2025 March
Issue 9 - Publishing in 2025 April
Issue 10 - Publishing in 2025 July
Issue 11 - Publishing in 2025 August 
Issue 12 - Publishing in 2025 September

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