[DIGITAL ONLY] iCritic Magazine 2024 (for 16+ y/o)
[DIGITAL ONLY] iCritic Magazine 2024 (for 16+ y/o)
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[DIGITAL ONLY] iCritic Magazine 2024 (for 16+ y/o)

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iCritic Magazine 2024 Digital Only (3 Single Issues)
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Dear Parents,

Results-focused English enrichment resources that will get your child writing better essays for the A-Levels


iCritic reaches out to the mature student, arousing one’s curiosity with its rich content, and shifting perspectives with its thought-provoking essay-articles. Every essay-article is preceded by a captivating visual stimulus, which not only activates students’ prior knowledge but also arms them with knowledge about current and pertinent issues in the local, regional and global environment. With a set of writing notes for each essay-article  - in digital form -  iCritic also guides students on strategies for providing insightful responses to essay questions they would encounter in the GCE A-level examinations. To further broaden students’ perspectives and boost engagement, the issues are peppered with relevant YouTube videos, infographics and stimulating metacognitive and critical thinking questions.


Written by a team of highly qualified trained teachers and led by a former English Head of Department, every issue has been written to help your child increase their general knowledge, understand techniques of how to write a good essay, and apply their learnings in their general paper examination.

Don't lose out on the chance to help your child write better essays for the A-Levels!


Get your 2024 issues today!

Issue 1 - Publishing in 2024 March
Issue 2 - Publishing in 2024 May
Issue 3 - Publishing in 2024 July

  • Newly published issues will be delivered straight to your mailbox in March, May and July.
  • Issues already published up till the point of purchase will be delivered within 5 working days of ordering (i.e. If a purchase is made in June 2024, the March and May issues will be delivered within 5 working days of ordering)

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Get your child reading more and doing better for the A-Level General Paper Examination with iCritic magazine.