[DIGITAL ONLY] i Magazine 2025 (for 10+ y/o)
[DIGITAL ONLY] i Magazine 2025 (for 10+ y/o)
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[DIGITAL ONLY] i Magazine 2025 (for 10+ y/o)

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i Magazine 2025 Digital Only (4 Single Issues)
i Magazine 2025 Digital Only and 5 Digital Past Issues (9 Single Issues)
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Dear Parents,

Does your child have the right resources to be well prepared for PSLE English? Or is your child looking to build a stronger foundation of the language in secondary school?

i Magazine is designed to help with that!

Written by a team of highly qualified teachers and led by a former English Head of Department, every issue has been written to help your child:

  • Increase their general knowledge
  • Learn techniques to excel in all 4 papers of the English exam
  • Apply their learnings with practice questions.

i Magazine contains plenty of model compositions as well as tips, and trains your child to:

  • Expand vocabulary
  • Develop richer language
  • Improve writing ability
  • Get stronger in reading comprehension
  • Converse and enunciate better for the oral component

Each issue also comes with worksheets, suggested answers, and even audio clips modelling accurate enunciation.

Helping students excel in PSLE English since 2017, i Magazine has been nominated for Best Education Title by the Singapore Book Awards in 2021 and 2024. We are also proud that i Magazine is used by teachers in primary and secondary schools to supplement the curriculum.

This edition contains 4 single issues, all to be published in 2025 and ready for pre-order. Get a head start and let your child read the most relevant topics of the coming year! All purchased issues will be delivered once published (Feb, Apr, Jul, Aug 2025).


Pre-order your 2025 issues today!

Issue 33 - Publishing in 2025 February
Issue 34 - Publishing in 2025 April
Issue 35 - Publishing in 2025 July
Issue 36 - Publishing in 2025 August

  • Newly published issues will be delivered straight to your mailbox in February, April, July, and August.
  • Issues already published up till the point of purchase will be delivered within 5 working daysof ordering (i.e. If a purchase is made in June 2025, the February and April issues will be delivered within 5 working days of ordering)


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