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Dear Parents,

One of the first modern Chinese fairy tale creations, written by author Ye Shengtao.

Through the eyes of a scarecrow, this fairy tale realistically describes the turbulent times of China's rural areas of the early 20th century.

In MOE of PRC's recommended booklist for new curriculum Primary School (学校推荐 新课标):

- The Scarecrow 稻草人
- Retreating Figure 背影
- To Young Readers 寄小读者
- The Little Orange Lamp 小桔灯
- Tales of Hulan River 呼兰河传
- The Field of Life and Death 生死场
- Around the World in Eighty Days 八十天环游地球
- My Memories of Old Beijing 城南旧事
- You are the April of This World 你是人间的四月天