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How To Write A Counterargument and Rebuttal

Jan 04,2023 | Pte Ltd

What’s the difference between an argumentative and an expository essay? Obviously, an argumentative essay requires a counterargument-and-rebuttal paragraph. Every good O-Level argumentative essay considers both sides to an issue. Adding a counterargument and rebuttal shows the examiner “Hey, look! I’ve considered the possible objections, and this is why they are invalid!” – and demonstrates your thorough reasoning and foresight. 

To form a counterargument, come up with a few possible critiques of your argument and choose the strongest one. Addressing this counterargument forces you to think more deeply about why your stand is more reasonable and helps you to justify it. 

Appealing to one of the following three in your rebuttal helps you to convince your audience: 

Always make sure that the counterargument and the rebuttal have the same subject matter. For example, if you counter with the benefits of storing content on a digital device, the rebuttal has to address the drawbacks of this. Let’s take a look:

Crafting a rebuttal paragraph in iThink magazine 2017 issue 16:17 “The Write Issue” – can you identify the type of rhetorical appeal in this rebuttal?

Many arguments are won by the person who has the last word. Likewise, placing the counterargument in the second paragraph allows you to spend the rest of the essay proving why your stand is superior! 

By bringing balance to your argumentative essays, you’ll seem more objective and appear as a reasonable writer who considers different points of view. The crux of an argumentative essay is for you to argue, after all–and you’ve just shown the examiner that you can do it successfully.

Article extracted from iThink magazine 2021 issue 34 “Worlds Apart” 

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