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How To Write an Argumentative Essay Conclusion

Jan 04,2023 | Pte Ltd

You’ve opened your readers’ eyes to a very important issue. You’ve stated your ground, raised potential counterarguments and knocked them down. You’ve shown why your reasons are the best–and now what? 

The conclusion is where you wrap it all up. The conclusion is where you re-emphasise your stand, and highlight the valid parts of your reasons again. To really lock in your argument, it is absolutely crucial that you hold your ground.

Take the example below:

Ending off an essay in iThink magazine 2018 issue 18 “Disrupted!” – have the writer’s reasons convinced you of her stance?

Compare this to the opening sentence of this essay: 

See how the writer reiterates her point? She also quantifies ‘why’ – based on how things are developing currently, she believes there is hope that AI provides more benefit than harm.

Common mistake: Many students introduce a new point in their conclusion. This is very risky – you won’t have the space to elaborate on it or give examples! 

Students confident in their writing skills and ability to handle the topic can keep readers invested until the very end with a peek of what the situation might look like in the future. To do this, you can ponder on the possible implications based on what you have argued in the essay. For example, is pop music here to stay despite its bland and uninspiring notes? You can also propose a solution to the main problem that you have outlined in the essay. Remember your critical thinking skills? This is a great time to remind your examiners that you have them. 

If you started your essay with an interesting hook (perhaps a narrative, or a quotation by an important historical figure), link it back to the introduction. Close the loop by finishing the story, or evaluating if the quote has held true to this day, and your essay will possess a satisfying sense of completion. 

And you’re done with your essay! Remember to check it through for any errors before handing it up. Give your examiner a solid reason to remember your exceptional essay amidst a sea of others, and you will have succeeded in converting yet another reader to your point of view.