World of Science Comics - Adventures with Materials
World of Science Comics - Adventures with Materials
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World of Science Comics - Adventures with Materials

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Dear Parents,

Check out the new book of the World of Science Comics series for your child!

Adventures with Materials is an immersive encounter with more than 15 fibres, minerals, resins and metals that have a wide range of everyday and specialist applications.

What's the difference between natural and synthetic materials? How does amber capture a slice of prehistoric life? Why is cotton one of the world's most important crops? Spin some fine fabric with the mulberry silkworm. Become an illusionist's apprentice. And witness the mesmerising properties of gallium. From design and the fine arts to building and construction, and from the science lab to your home, appreciate the astonishing uses of materials as never before!

Contents:All About Materials:Natural or Synthetic?; What are Resins?;Naturally Occurring:Baltic Gold; Made of Bamboo; Marvellous Marble;Materials We Wear:Cotton On!; All in the Jeans; Fabric from a Caterpillar;New Synthetics:Blacker Than Black!; Soft or Hard?; Thinner Than Thin!;Metal Elements:Surprising Reactions; Ore-some Nickel!; Heavy-Duty Iron; Aluminium and Its Alloys;Quiz Challenge:So, How Much Do You Really Know About Materials?;

Readership:612 year olds, Singapore, Asia-Pacific, worldwide. Trade, schools, libraries everywhere.