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Take Charge Be Money Smart in 7 Steps

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Money is a means, not an end goal in life; it is a means to get you to your goals. The promise ofTake Charge: Be Money Smart in 7 Stepsis this: you will learn how to manage your finances well and develop your own life goals to long-lasting happiness.

Targeted at teenagers and young adults, this book is an engaging and practical resource for introducing financial literacy to our youth a vital topic in todays world of instant gratification, easy access to credit, false promises of riches, and even financial exploitation by internet financial gurus.

Drawing on life experiences and professional expertise, the authors present key financial concepts and impart sensible financial advice in this fully illustrated book. Contents: Education and Career, Income, Expenses, Debts, Investments, Future and Happiness.

The Authors

Dr Koh N.K. is the founder of FinTech Academy which spearheads talent development programmes and certifications for fintech in Singapore, and Advisor to the Institute of Blockchain, Singapore, which offers certification courses in blockchain. She is also co-author of Singapore: The Fintech Nation (2020).

Dr Koh was adviser to the NTU Investment Interactive Club (NTU-IIC) at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, where she initiated financial literacy programmes and education activities for undergraduates and educators. She was also the chair of Citi-NIE Financial Literacy Hub for Teachers.

Chris Teo is the founder of SmartCo, an education company that imparts values to future-proof ones financial well-being through fun and engaging content. He has conceptualised various educational tech products throughout his career, advocating technology and gamification in learning.

He has designed learning workshops on financial literacy and universal positive values. Based on proven pedagogies and foundational learning theories, these have been well received by students and teachers in Singapore schools. The programmes are supported through grants by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Ministry of Education, Central Bank of Singapore and other government agencies. He has also worked with financial institutions such as HSBC, Citibank and Maybank to deliver financial education to over 50,000 students in Singapore since 2017.