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Primary 6 English Mastering Visual Text Comprehension and Comprehension Cloze Second Edition

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There are 2 main sections in the book.

Section 1: Visual Text Comprehension

The following common types of questions in Visual Text Comprehension are explained in this section: (a) True statement, (b) Vocabulary in context, (c) Important details, (d) Reasons, (e) Evidence, (f) Facts vs. non-facts, (g) Main aim, (h) Punctuation.

10 tests in Visual Text Comprehension follow this section.

Section 2: Comprehension Cloze

The following useful strategies on comprehension cloze covered in this section: (a) Collocations, (b) Contextual clues, (c) Connectors, (d) Synonyms/Antonyms, (e) Summary, (f) Grouping, (g) Referring back and forward, (h) Cumulative and global comprehension.

10 tests in Comprehension Cloze follow this section.

Key features:

  • Notes, pointers and common errors on each type of questions in the new format in the visual text comprehension section of the book
  • Guided questions with explanations to guide you step-by-step
  • Strategies to help you master both visual text comprehension and comprehension cloze
  • Full tests in visual text comprehension and comprehension cloze for self-evaluation or evaluation by the teacher