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Just English Explorer - Assorted Bundle (9 issues)

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The Just English Explorer magazine is written for primary to teenagers of Beginner to Pre-Intermediate level command of English. It features current articles that are suited to the different reading levels of students and improve their vocabulary and general knowledge at the same time.

A wide variety of topics and genres are covered:

  • Reports (information, scientific, reports, news)
  • Narratives (extracts, short stories, poems, classical/traditional tales, legends)
  • Recounts (personal experiences/biographies, historical, factual, literacy, poetic)
  • Procedures (instructions on doing or making something)
  • Descriptions (poems, everyday life experiences, animals)

The following are the issues in this bundle :

15.1 : Andy Ayam And The Internet News
15.2 : Don't Ride The Elephant
15.3 : Gotta Catch'em All : Pokemon
15.4 : The Fox And His Box
15.6 : The Mirror Lake

16.6 : No Ordinary Parks
16.5 : Who Invented Bubble Tea
16.4 : Fun Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles
16.3 : The Tooth Fairy's Assistant