Go Getter - Land and Water
Go Getter - Land and Water
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Go Getter - Land and Water

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Dear Parents,

Planning a game night with your children? we have the game just for you. Go Getter - Land and Water will not only be fun, but you'll also be honing your children's logic skills in attempting to solve the puzzles! Get your hands on this today!


How is the shark going to catch the fish?

This enchanting mind game is exciting until the very last tile. Make roads with the 9 tiles of the puzzle, so that the correct icons are connected. But beware! Building roads can be more difficult than it looks, and how can you avoid the dragon that is right there in the middle of the crossing?


  • Super fun logical brainteasers for one or more players. Each GoGetter® puzzle includes 48 challenges ranging from easy to very difficult. More than 1001 solutions!
  • 48 Questions 1001 Solutions.


How To Play


Basic Game Rules

1. Choose a challenge from the challenge booklet and keep it alongside the gameboard. Tip the picture tiles off the gameboard then flip them all face up. You are ready to begin.


2. Use all nine picture tiles to build a path connecting onlt the icons your challenge directs you to team up!


3. Don't forget: You must not create any dead-ends.

When you've used all nine tiles and made the right connections, you've cracked the challenge!

There are many solutions to each challenge if you are stuck, check the key to see some examples given on the flipside of each challenge page in your challenge booklet.


*This game is suitable for children aged 5 years and above