Flip It - The Topsy-Turvy Game
Flip It - The Topsy-Turvy Game
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Flip It - The Topsy-Turvy Game

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Dear Parents,

Planning a game night with your children? we have the game just for you.Flip it will not only be fun, but you'll also be honing your children's logic skills in attempting to solve the puzzles! Get your hands on this today!


Help! There's Trouble in Turtle town!

All the turtles are Topsy-turvy (upside down). Your Job : Flip them right side up.
The rules are simple - Any reptile can handle it. Pick a turtle and start jumping. jumped turtles get flipped - the jumping turtle doesn't.

There's 40 challenges that let you start simple and work your way up to some of the toughest turtle flippin' challenges ever created. So what are you waiting for? It's flippin' time!