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Explore Electricity Kit

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Dear Parents,

Check out the Explore Electricity Kit for your child!

Looking for Science experiments on the basics of electricity to teach your kids?

Look no further, we have the answer; Play N Learn STEM Electricity Kit, a useful learning resource. This set comes with 6 hands-on Science experiments that are based on Singapore's Ministry of Education Science Curriculum.

This learning resource will help kids to learn how to explore the following Science experiments. Bulb arrangement in series, bulb arrangement in parallel, and battery arrangement in series. And also, the effect of using a faulty bulb, the effect of using a conductor of electricity, and the effect of using an insulator of electricity

All manipulative materials except batteries are included. The U-shaped connectors are used as they are easier for students to connect the battery holder to the bulb holder.

A step-by-step instruction manual with illustrations is also included. Many educators, primary schools, and learning centers in Singapore have bought them for their students at the Primary 5 level. In Singapore, these students are usually 11 years old.

This kit is used while teaching the topic of Electricity.

** Age appropriate for 8 years and up.