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Complete Guide to Primary English Volume 1 (Primary 4)

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This handbook is a comprehensive revision guide and practice book that covers all components of Primary education leading up to the Primary 4 streaming examination. It covers Paper 1 to Paper 4 of the examination and includes the following features:

  • Definitions to help pupils understand what each exam component assesses and the skills required to do well in that component
  • Examples to show pupils exactly what each exam component looks like
  • Notes of key skills and knowledge
  • Danger areas (Watch Out!) where pupils may lose marks because of common errors, including advice and examples to show how pupils can avoid these pitfalls
  • Short exercises to warm up for the longer practices
  • Skills-based comprehensive practices in the exam format
  • A full mock examination of all the 4 Papers for a final test before the real examination.
  • Answers for all practices and papers

This handbook is suitable for use in class and self-revision at home.