Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)
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Changemakers Series ( 5 Books)

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Dear Parents,

Check out the Change Makers series for your child!!

The Change Makers series of books will build in children a strong sense of inquiry to arm them with knowledge in S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to tackle this brave new world of unknowns.

*** Please note that the delivery will be in July

1)Changemakers: The Earth Experiment

With succinct writing and humourous illustrations, The Earth Experiment makes an engaging and informative read on the pressing issue of climate change.

The series is suitable for children 8 years and up but I think adults would find it engaging as well.

The message in The Earth Experiment is clear and urgent. As the author says, we need to build our own circle of impact and create a butterfly effect on climate change.

Climate Change is a very real problem now, but how many of us (yes, adults included) can really say we know everything about it? Hwee Goh explains how and why climate change has occurred over the years, from the discovery of fossil fuels, to other contributing factors such as the greenhouse effect and the excessive use of plastic.

Together with her brilliant illustrator David Liew, Hwee breaks down the issue and makes it accessible for children, helping them to be more aware about climate change, and provides practical ways in which everyone can help the world to reach net zero carbon emissions. Key concepts are explained in the Did You Know? and Whats That? sections on various pages, while the illustrations provide some comic relief to an otherwise heavy and depressing topic.

The Earth Experiment brings climate change to life, showing readers how the world has changed, and how life as we know it will be affected if we continue to ignore all the warning signs.


2)Changemakers: Railroads To Super highways

Apart from teaching us about the positive ways that technology has changed our lives, Railroads to Super highways also highlights the dark side of the internet, namely through social media. Did you know that social media platforms use an algorithm to tweak what we see? This means that you and your friend may be using the exact same key words to search for something, but you may not receive the same results, based on your browsing history!


3)Changemakers: Invisible Enemies

Invisible Enemies is lively and packed with information! Clearly a result of deep research and refreshingly clear writing. It literally gives you a brief history of the ever-changing medical science, dating all the way back to ancient times and chronicling the major pandemic events such as Sars and Covid-19 that have "invaded" our world.

Hwee's presentation of what-could-be-dry-information brilliantly comes alive with stories, case studies and findings.

Invisible Enemies delves into the pandemics our world has experienced, including COVID-19, in language that is easy for young children to understand. Aside from presenting the facts, I particularly appreciate that the book also touches on the thereafter, like combating irrational fears, xenophobia and questioning information we see in messages and social media as means to tackle fake news--all valuable tools that will help our children manage their worries about the current virus outbreak.

Author, Hwee Goh shows kids how pandemics work and how they have shaped our world. Covering the Black Death, SARS, MERS and COVID-19, the book traces the history of pandemics.

Illustrator, David Liew has done a great job with his quirky illustrations throughout the book which are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Not just for kids, Invisible Enemies is a quirky book that cleverly explains the history and nature of pandemics.

Invisible Enemies is a book that definitely has a permanent place on our bookshelf, because it deals with important information that our children need to know. It helps to explain what is going on in our world now, and shows young readers that similar pandemics have occurred before, which may provide some reassurance that life will go back to normal one day.

4)Changemakers: Little Big Heroes

A fascinating exploration into a little-known universe, one that exists right under our noses if we knew where to look! This is a book about the weird and wonderful insects, worms, parasites, microbes, birds, and bees without whom life as we know it would not possible.

  • What if we got rid of all parasites?
  • Why should we be worried about the Insect Apocalypse?
  • How are spiders inspiring our latest technology?
  • Which photograph spurred a global green movement?

5)Changemakers: The Magic Numbers

Mathematics is more fun, mysterious and magical than many of us realise, and it is present in all aspects of our lives. We certainly cant live without it!

  • Why is zero considered the most dangerous number?
  • How did ancient Egyptians measure the world with just a simple stick?
  • What was the math error that caused a NASA rocket to
  • blow up?
  • Which language is used every day all over the world, and is purely made up of numbers?

Documentary filmmaker Hoe Yeen Nie and historian/artist David Liew take you on a quest to unlock the secret world of numbers and math, and explore how it has transformed our lives in all sorts of incredible ways. Are you ready for an amazing adventure?