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Asian Scientist Junior : Bundle Set

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Dear Parents,

Is your child always curious about everything around them, and asking questions? Asian Scientist Junior : Bundle Set contains 6 books telling different stories that might just answer their questions! Peak their interest and have them learn more through this bundle!

Asian Scientist Junior: Chang Meemann

As a child, Chang Meemann was curious about animals and plants in nature. She decided to become a paleontologist someone who learns about dinosaurs and ancient fish by studying their remains, known as fossils. With her keen research skills, she became the first woman director of an important research center in China studying fossils. Meemanns story demonstrates how passion, nurtured from a young age, can drive scientific excellence.

Asian Scientist Junior: Chou Loke Ming

Coral reefs are home to so many different kinds of sea creatures that they are known as the rainforests of the seas. Sadly, coral reefs all around the world are dying, but Chou Loke Ming is on a mission to help them recover. Loke Ming went from being a village boy to a coral doctor, and is saving the world one coral at a time.

Asian Scientist Junior: Kosuke Morita

The elements of the periodic table make up everything in the universe. New elements are very hard to discover. But like a lion on the prowl, Ksuke Morita hunted down element 113, the first element ever discovered by researchers from Asia. Dont you want to know how he did itand what he named it?

Asian Scientist Junior: Shinya Yamanaka

As a young surgeon, Shinya realized that there were many diseases that even talented surgeons and doctors cannot cure. To help scientists study diseases more easily, Shinya found a simple way to create stem cells from skin cells in the laboratory. Not only did his incredible discovery win him the Nobel Prize, it has also brought hope to millions of patients and their families around the world.

Asian Scientist Junior: Tu Youyou

When Tu Youyou was sixteen, she nearly died after falling ill with tuberculosis. Youyou resolved to study medicine to help others who were sick. She later discovered a new medicine to treat malaria, which saved millions of lives and won her the Nobel Prize! Youyous story will inspire young budding scientists everywhere, and show how hard work and determination can lead to amazing scientific breakthroughs.

Asian Scientist Junior: Udupi Rao

As a child, Udupi Rao would dream about outer space, where the stars and planets live. When Udupi grew up, he learnt how to build machines called satellites that can be sent into outer space aboard a rocket. With hard work and determination, he succeeded in launching Indias first satellite, the Aryabhata! Udupis story shows that the sky is the limit if you have big dreams and chase them with all your heart.