2022 Combo Promotion (Set A) - PSLE Success Composition, PSLE Comprehe
2022 Combo Promotion (Set A) - PSLE Success Composition, PSLE Comprehe
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[Pre-Order]- 2024 Combo Promotion (Set A) - PSLE Success Composition, PSLE Comprehension and Language Use & Inspire Essay Issue

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Dear Parents,

Does your child have the right resources to be well prepared for PSLE English? Or is your child looking to build a stronger foundation of the language in Secondary School?

The PSLE examination taken by 12-year-olds is one of the most important tests as it determines which secondary school they are posted to and what subjects they will study and ultimately what career options they will pursue.

Backed by over 50 years of combined teaching experience in both the public and private sectors, the authors reveal the secrets to doing well in the English-language exam. The two volumes in this series feature past-year questions, new exercises and sample answers, as well as other useful pointers and ideas that will let your child excel in this key PSLE subject.

This volume,Composition, covers both of the two composition options offered in Paper 1: narrative and expository writing. Students are guided on how to write effective introductions and conclusions, handle language and tone, and in the case of narrative compositions, how to craft action-driven plots that will give their stories a real edge.

This volume,Comprehension and Language Use,covers all seven sections of Paper 2: Grammar, Vocabulary, Visual Text Comprehension, Editing, Comprehension Cloze, Synthesis and Transformation, and Comprehension Open-Ended. Each section is furnished with tips, concrete examples and five full exercises.

Inspire magazine isspecially written with #trending topics in order to get your teenager to spend less time surfing the internet and more time reading enriching content.

Every issue of Inspire magazine has been written to help your teenager do well in the GCE "O" Level English exam by covering #trending topics they care about and will want to read,written in the below 5 essay formats to help them ace each writing style:

  1. Argumentative Essay
  2. Descriptive Essay
  3. Expository Essay
  4. Narrative Essay
  5. Personal Recount Essay

The Exam Special contains atreasure trove of:

  • Original essays (of different genres and topics)
  • Comprehension texts, paired with detailed notes and exam-styled worksheets,supplemented with thoughtful illustrations.

Inspire magazine is written by a team of highly qualified former MOE teachers and also includes worksheets and even oral and listening comprehension exercises to help students ace the Paper 1 (Writing) and Paper 2 (Comprehension)components of the GCE O-Level English Language examinations. We also share tips and common errors to watch out for.

Inspiremagazine was nominated Best Education Title by Singapore Book Awards in 2018.