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  1. Here’s the secret to help your child fall in love with reading!

    Be involved - We encourage parents and children to read together - Storytime engages both parents and children to bond together as they discover new adventures with every story. Ask Questions - The best way to find out if your child likes what he’s reading is to ask him/her questions - What was the moral of the story? Which character was your favourite, and what did you like about him or her? These questions keep a child engaged and encourage them to find out more! Let them Read what Interests them - Our magazines cover a wide range of stories- from myths and legends to folktales and bedtime stories from around the world - your child is sure to find something that interests them. Make Time - We encourage setting aside time each day for reading- starting with one story a day would be a good way for your child to discover the joy of reading! Give the Gift of Reading - What better way to help a child fall in love with reading than getting them a copy of Storytime? Use the promo code to get 3 copies STORYTIME issue 1/2/3 @ $10 Learn More

  2. When you try your best but you don’t succeed, try better with iThink.

    Has your child been trying his/her best in school? Are his English grades still not up to par? Then help your child try better with iThink. With iThink, English exams will be a breeze. Designed for readers between 14 years old and onwards, iThink focuses on critical thinking. The iTHINK special essay issue contains examples of all the types of essay questions like descriptive, expository, personal recount, narrative, argumentative, and hybrid. Attached to these essays are step-by-step techniques which help students write effectively and convincingly. This issue also looks at how to tackle the comprehension, language editing, and situational writing components of the English paper. The content, which is based on the current MOE syllabus objectives and exam requirements, will equip your child with the necessary skills to communicate their ideas in a effective and succinct manner in both their essays and comprehension. iThink was also nominated Best Educational Title in 2016 by Singapore Book Awards 2016. Features • Be Engaged in stories and issues which face teenagers on a personal basis • Develop critical thinking, reading and presenting skills • Prepare well for higher level essays and comprehension exercises which are important in Secondary school syllabus • Inspire the love of reading Learn More

  3. I want to be the very best.

    And to do that, you need I – a magazine that dares to stand out from the others. I, as the name suggests, is all about the learner. The thematic magazine features all the things you’d like: articles and essays that cover a multitude of subjects under the sun, so you are always up to date. At the same time, it manages to keep things light and breezy: there are also comic strips covering sub-themes such as Line of Work (career), The Red Carpet (prominent figures), Growing Pains (adolescent woes), and so much more. I is thus the magazine with the perfect balance: it helps your child with skills like grammar and vocabulary so he/she can tackle the English paper, but at the same time provides a treasure trove of interesting information to help him/her fall in love with reading. Get your child to read I, and provide them with the boost they need to take on the world. Whenever, wherever. Features Boost your confidence Increase your knowledge Be entertained and inspired Become more mature in handling anger and stress Improve and be interested in English Info bites Tickling brainteasers YouTube Videos SEL questions Word Bank Learn More