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Yong Neng

Dear stun and stella,

I really enjoy reading all  your adventures!!!
I give out all hope to make more books about ILOVEREADING! I hope you will have me in your adventure!! I beg you, please please please have me in your adventure!! And please may ILOVEREADING show on tv? I want my mum and dad to be suprised, because I am going to be shown on tv!!

Love Yong Neng



I just want to say  ILOVEREADING.SG mag are really fantastically written and done up! The themeGbased mags are not only useful and informative, they are interactive too! My son is always looking forward to complete the exercises and it actually allowed me to see that he was able to comprehend what he has read. He has learnt quite a lot from your mags as they are pretty practical and applicable to his daily life. I was impressed that those words which are considered difficult at his level (my son is 5 yrs old) were underlined and the meaning of those words were attached at the end of the page. It meant a lot for busy working mums like me. The mag is neither too lengthy or wordy, it's just enough for me to spend quality time with him at night before our bedtime. It actually promotes bonding for us. My son jumps for joy whenever the postman arrives with his ILOVEREADING mag! The best of all was, I used your mag as an incentive – he can only read the mag after his homework. And needless to say, he completed his work in no time just to read your mag! I killed 2 birds with a stone or rather a mag! :) 
Keep up the good work! And thank you for continuing to bring 'knowledge with joy 'for us! 

Always IloveReading supporters,

Mummy Mrs Chrisashley Goh and Son Keane Goh

P.S My son was still asking me when is he going to receive his latest issue of ILOVEREADING mag yesterday and I had to tell him it won't be until next yr! Both of us are sad coz he couldn't read and I have to rack my brains to come up with another carrot to dangle in front of him! :p



Hi Serene,

I came to know about ILOVEREADING through my 6 year old daughter's KIndergarten. After going through the leaflet, I decided to subscribe to ILOVEREADING magazine for my daughter. Upon recieving the first issue, she was instantly fascinated by its colourful printout and interesting yet easy to understand contents. Eash issue comes with a theme and enlightening messages or stories such as Jungle Adventure, Fun on the Farm, Earth Day and etc. My daughter specially enjoys the games and activities that are tailored to each theme. Thank you for making reading so much fun!

Best Regards


30th May 2012