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The 21st century is an era characterised by volatility, complexity and ambiguity. When our youths embark on their careers, they will need the ability to adapt to new jobs, acquire a wide range of skill sets and apply these skills across disciplines. In an increasingly interconnected world, they also need to be proficient in the use of ICT tools to manage information and to communicate across borders. More importantly, the individual will no longer be able to work in silos and it is crucial that our youths develop the self-masteries to empathise, collaborate and communicate across disciplines.

As educators who are always actively promoting civic education and community engagement, it is critical that we share the compelling responsibility to prepare our children for the challenges in the 21st century. The irony is that in this age when individualism is king, our youths crave community and purpose – and they look for it in unusual places. Be it Instagram or Snapchat, our young are the most connected generation to have ever existed. They are building communities in new places. With this new reality, it is essential that we acknowledge that the issues they face become more complex and ever-changing.

Re|present was thus born from the belief that our youths want to do more than just “fit in”; they want to be part of a movement that changes the world. Here at Think Tank, we believe that a space exists for a magazine to represent the voices of our youths, to guide this group of connected young people, and arm them with the tools to make a difference, to be remembered as the ones who changed the world.

Represent is recommended for lower secondary students studying English, Literature and the Language Arts. This magazine celebrates the dynamism of our youths and seeks to affirm their roles as valued members in school, families and the community. Exploring youth issues through multiple voices, our readers are empowered to see new pathways in navigating their teenage years. In addition to aiding students in their preparation for the revamped GCE ‘O’ Level English Paper, the magazine is also meant to complement the teaching and learning of Character Citizenship Education. Values that shape our students’ character, beliefs, attitudes and actions form the foundation of our magazine. Our writing also aims to develop 21st century competencies in our readers. These include civic literacy, global and cross-cultural awareness, critical and inventive thinking, communication, collaboration and information skills.

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